Monday, 8 January 2018

#Review 2 of 2018 Death in Dulwich

Here's another book read recently...

Death in Dulwich by Alice Castle 

I really loved the setting as described- the fabulous old school of Wyatt’s with its stunning architecture, as privileged as you could ever get and then the author comes to describe the location of the (no spoilers) action at the beginning of the novel. That description prompted the first laugh of the story, and I found a good few more. 

If you want a quick entertaining read that’s a cosy murder mystery, then Death in Dulwich will tick the boxes but you’ll have to add a few more because Beth is a bit different from some other sleuths I’ve read about. She’s quite unflappable, very inquisitive, at times sneakily persuasive and prone to entering situations she’s not exactly planned for. 

I was just getting to know that nice man Harry York, the real detective, when the story ended and he’d be nice to know even better.

Of course, maybe a read of Book 2 will help with that?  

This was a 5 star entertaining read. 

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