Wednesday, 10 January 2018

#Review 3 of 2018 Little Gray Dress

Little Gray Dress by Aimee Brown

My thoughts on this quick read: 

In many ways the plot was very predictable yet the author brought a fresh vibrant approach to the prickly subject of break-ups and subsequent meet-ups. 

The story flows effortlessly and is a very humorous read, especially so if you're recuperating from a health issue, if you want to be entertained without expending much effort, or perhaps on holiday.

The characters are almost all likeable, if we exclude the irrational and somewhat crazy ‘baddie’. The settings are quite impressive and well described. It would be interesting to get to know Liam the helpful, just-a-little-bit-gorgeous friendly, barman, a little bit better - but maybe that's in the pipeline!

I’m not a great fan of the dotting-back-and-forth on the timeline technique but it didn’t stop me from reading on to the end.

Chick-lit fans would, I’m sure, be really pleased to read this amusing read.  

I rated this with 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.


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