Wednesday, 24 January 2018

#FREE x 3 days in honour of #Robert Burns

Wednesday has dawned windy and wild. 

Storm Georgina is making her presence felt but-no matter! It's one day short of Burns Day which in my calendar is a really fine time. Burns liked a good tale, i believe, so since tomorrow is the anniversary of his birthday (January 25th) I decided to make The Taexali Game, my time travel novel on Amazon, available for nothing for the days leading up to Jan 25th. (23rd-25th)

They say we all love a good bargain and I'm no different. However, if I take the opportunity to get a FREE copy of an ebook I really do try to review the book afterwards on Amazon. I admit that there have been a few instances where the novel has been pretty awful and I've not been able to give a book a minimum of 3 stars. If I'm unable to do that, then I don't post any review.

I'm certainly hoping that if anyone chooses to download my FREE ebook this week that after reading it they'll feel able and willing to post a review on Amazon. It would be the greatest courtesy and would give me a lot of pleasure, assuming that the reader has enjoyed most or some of my novel.

To get your FREE copy click HERE.


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