Wednesday, 31 January 2018

#Review 5 of 2018 Frosted Shadow

This novel was recommended via one of my email oriented book promotion sites. I had seen the name Nancy Warren before so decided to give it a try. Sometimes I'm looking for a quick contemporary read and this was perfect foe the job. If you're only looking for entertainment, as I was, and not to learn anything new then this is a good choice.

Frosted Shadow: a Toni Diamond Mystery by Nancy Warren

This was an entertaining read, the setting one which I’d personally run a mile from but it seemed very realistic. The cutthroat (maybe not literally) world of the ‘make up’ reps is one that Toni Diamond revels in but she finds it’s not possible to plan for everything. I sussed out the culprit before the end but that was no problem because there was still more to come- and how!

The characters are nicely portrayed. Toni has plenty of depth and there’s just more to learn about the lovely Detective Luke Marciano. Nasty characters? Yes, there are some of them as well.
If you’re looking for a cosy crime that’s an amusing read, I’d recommend this one. 

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And now onto more reading but what might that be? I've a number of novels in my Kindle TBR pile and a couple of paperbacks as well. Lots of novels out there and lots of choice! Happy Reading.


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