Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Post party blues?

Hello Wednesday people!

Family has taken up plenty of time during the recent days- hence the silence of this blog.

Am I in post-party-blues mood since the huge effort of planning, organising... and OH's and my B-I-L's joint 70th birthday party is now over? Absolutely not! Since the last guests left the weekend event late on Sunday afternoon, I've managed to square up the mess around the house. Hubby might do most of the usual cooking but the tidy ups are, sadly, my concern!

I've also been engaged in spending more hours delivering campaign leaflets for my friend and near neighbour - Glen Reid  - who is standing as a candidate for the SNP ( Scottish National Party) for our ward in the local council elections in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I had sore feet from prolonged party preparation, cake making and cake decorating but any further discomfort after the 3 and a half hours of posting leaflets was totally disregarded because I'm definitely fervent about doing the best to create the brightest future for my grandchildren to grow up in.

Yesterday was spent in being 'back to the day job' of me grandchild minding and now it's Wednesday and normal writing life resumes. I've so many writing tasks to catch up with but I was drawn to check how my novels were doing across Amazon and to my absolute delight I have found that The Beltane Choice has a new 5 star review and that it's #91 in the TOP PAID Ancient Worlds Genre Charts on amazon UK.

The review is very much appreciated and my sincere thanks go to Ms Nedahl who posted it.

Format: Paperback
Nancy Jardine has succeeded in combining a powerful love story with a time in history seeped in danger. Lorcan and Nara are destined to share a future despite events appearing to thwart their happiness. Does the will of the gods prevail?
Another time in our history brought to life. A fantastic read.

Now for some other writing.

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