Friday, 19 May 2017

Another go!

Happy Friday wishes to everyone!

Some Fridays are just the beginning of the weekend for me and other Fridays are charged with something different.

I've blogged a little before on attempts to encourage more book sales, some of the attempts being partially useful and others a total waste of money. Sometimes these 'special' events are also quite time consuming and as such, often a waste of precious writing time.

Never say never has to be the motto though, so I'm trying something new today.  From 1 p.m. GMT (my romantic mystery thriller Topaz Eyes is being promoted by a paid promotions site called 'eBookSoda'.

My fingers are crossed that I can sell a lot of ebooks at 99 cents/ 99p and equivalent to cover the cost of the promotion. The Ebooksoda promotion only lasts for 1 day, so...

If you've not yet read it, hop on over to Amazon and pick up a rivetting read for a truly bargain price since it took me at least 5 months to write it.

Looking back, I loved those exciting 5 months and I hope it shows in my writing. I really got a buzz when creating my family tree for the mystery and I loved making sure that the timeline fitted perfectly because it's quite an intricate and demanding mystery to solve.

Can you solve it before the last few pages?

HERE is the link for Amazon but it's also available from


Wish me luck...

Meanwhile I'm getting ready for the 2nd of my local paperback books sales and book signing events with FOCUS Craft Fairs. Tomorrow, Saturday 20th May the event is on Royal Deeside at the Victory Hall, Aboyne (Scotland) If you're anywhere near, pop in and say hello. You can browse my new table layout while you're there.


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