Saturday, 22 April 2017

Interview time for me!

Happy Saturday to you!

This past week has vanished in a flurry of house and garden massive tidy-ups. Thorough spring cleaning (shampooing) of carpets has taken me ages but at least when I've sat down at my keyboard I now know those tasks won't be nagging at my shoulder.

Just for something different,I'm off today to be interviewed at the lovely Pam Lecky's 'Vintage Treasures' blog. If you don't know all about me yet, now's your chance! Join us HERE

Having cut my lawn grass for the first proper cut of the year this morning, I've had lunch so I'm now off to do some sprucing up of the grand children's climbing frame. A quick wipe down to remove the yucky bird poop, followed by a swift sanding down of the wood then a couple of coats of wood preserver/varnish. How long will that take me? Mmm...probably more than the hours left of this afternoon so my new writing will have to be much later.

I'm also now fine tuning the preparations for a big party next weekend for someone near and dear who is now - can I believe it? - 70!

Wishing you a fine weekend.


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