Sunday, 28 May 2017

Recent reads #6 Taming The Tango Champion

Good Morning!

Sunday is here and I'm still posting about novels I've recently enjoyed. Today's first one is Taming The Tango Champion by Cait O'Sullivan, a novel by Crooked Cat Books.

If you're looking for a satisfying easy read that you can zoom through in one sitting if you've got a few hours to spare, this is the kind of story I'd be reaching for. It'll keep you engrossed as you find out what the backstory is to the conception of Ava Whittaker's little boy.

I don't watch the dance shows that have been on TV during the last few years but If you do, then you've probably even more reasons to enjoy this novel. Here's what I've thought....

An entertaining romance…

Do I dance the tango? No, but if I had a partner like Matthias de Romero I’d probably want to practise till my legs fell off!  He comes across as a very sexy guy. The setting of the dance show is a refreshing change in a romance and the story flows nicely to a successful and happy ending for Ava Whittaker and her toddler - as all romances should. This was a fun quick read for me which pleasantly whiled away a long coach trip. However, I might have to read a second time to work out why Matthias was considered expert enough to be on the panel of judges- that is apart from his ability to be hot on both the dance floor and the bedroom! 

If it sounds like your kind of read, click the link near the beginning of this post.


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