Saturday, 15 April 2017

No time? Buy now, read later!

Happy Saturday to all!

For some it's Easter Saturday and for others it can be just as special. especially if you're a reader. The Crooked Cat Books Easter #SALE continues with all of my CC titles reduced to 99p/99c equivalent across the Amazon network.  (Clink that link to see them)

Even if you've no time to read them just now, it's a great time to pick up a bargain.

For this event, I took the plunge and paid a whack of my hard earned profits from my physical paperback sales at my 2016 Craft Fair Venues. I'd not heard of a book promotions outfit named 'Booksends' but I thought I'd try it. Approx. 100 dollars is out of my budget for all of my CC titles but I decided to throw the cash at Topaz Eyes and see how it would fare. I paid for a one day slot where 'Booksends' send the information and links for Topaz Eyes at the reduced price of 99p/99c to their huge email list of readers who are nominally interested in reading particular genre categories like mystery thrillers.

The 'Booksends' email went out on the 14th April so as I write this at almost 10 a.m. UK time the west coast of America are only just settling down to bed. I'm hoping that there will be a continued trickle of sales of Topaz Eyes over the next 2 days with readers taking a chance that the book will still be at the reduced price. It should be 99p/99c till Monday morning(17th). Fingers crossed.

It will be amazing if the feature runs into profit since it was quite an expensive add for me. However, if it boosts the novel on the Amazon charts it might be picked up by other readers in some way I don't understand, or know of, but I'm told a meteoric rise in Amazon charts can trigger lots of mysteries!

So far I've sold some copies during my 14th April but it'll take a lot more to cover my costs. C'est la vie. 

Gaining more readers is the ticket and if they like my writing they will hopefully try my other novels.


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