Friday, 7 April 2017

Been quiet of late

Hello! Can it be #Friday again?

My blog posting has been sparse for a variety of reasons of late.

I've been involved in local politics, delivering some campaign information to a few hundred households, since Scotland has local elections coming up on the 4th May, My reading pace may be slowing down, or it may just be that I'm reading more daily newspapers and flagged up political articles but they are taking up an enjoyable chunk of my mornings. Reading about the damages that BREXIT from the E U will have on Scotland in general, and the potential of a future Scottish referendum, are very important to me just now. I don't often include politics to posts on this blog but it's been my desire to have an Independent Scotland for many years now and it may be that in the near future there are more mentions!

I've been entertaining some relatives during this last week and planning for a special joint 70th birthday party at the end of April (my OH and my B_I-L). Even more time will be vanishing in the coming weeks for that exciting event!

All of the above means my writing has been on hold but I did notice that my contemporary mystery - TOPAZ EYES - has a 10th 5* review on Amazon UK. It is lovely to note that the lady who posted it had picked up her copy and read it after my last author presentation in Aberdeen, Scotland in February. I look forward to finding out if she does buy more of my work and hopefully if so, she will post another review.

It's short but is certainly does the trick!

"I meet the Author who talk about her books. Topaz Eyes is a very good read and will follow on with more books from Nancy Jardine."

Meanwhile, I'm off to prepare my table presentation for my first FOCUS Craft Fair this year which takes place tomorrow in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. I've a few new things to update. 


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