Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mellow yellow and all that...

Tuesday Trials.
What do you do when your ideas seem thin on the ground?

This afternoon was not as productive as I wanted with my writing and when that happens I need a distraction. The day was cloudy but it wasn't supposed to rain (according to local weather reports) so I decided to do a spot of necessary weeding around and about.

However, it seems that procrastinating extends beyond a new writing hiatus because the minute I was outside I thought it would be a great idea to have a daffodil count.

By that I don't mean count every single daffodil around the garden but the types of daffodil. Once upon a twenty or so years ago my garden probably had about 15 different daffodil/ narcissi types of bulbs. Over time many had played out their best shows and didn't reappear. I've added new ones but quite a few types were in the back garden which became my daughter's house back in 2015.

Today's count indicated a measly half dozen but they're looking great for all that.

As I clicked the shutter here and there it was evident that not all that was yellow was daffodils.

I've been trying to control the spread of yellow aconites but sometimes those cute little monsters just pop up everywhere.

And the dandelions! Oh, i know I ought to let them grow because it's great for wildlife but when it comes down to the amount of garden time available to me I'm afraid the pinching out wins over the ecological reasons for keeping the blighters. As soon as my granddaughter and grandson see dandelion heads they are jumping with joy and blowing the dandelion clocks all over the place. Hence more daffodils this year. AKA Lady Macbeth (?) I'm afraid it was a case of "Out, Out, damned spots..."

Two hours later I'm back at the keyboard but I have got an idea for a new scene in current writing so...after I post some of today's photos onto my Pinterest board I'll be back to that other real job.

Not all the current garden colour is yellow.


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