Thursday 1 September 2016

US #2 with fellow 'Wrangler' blogger Mike Staton

US Road Trip 2016 # 2

Meeting a far flung Wrangler!

Me at left. Mike Staton at right. His friend Sharon in middle. 
I was really excited (29th August 2016) to meet up with someone I’ve only met virtually via the Writing Wranglers and Warriors Blog. 

When fellow Wranglers blogger, Mike Staton, heard that I was going to be in Las Vegas for a very short time he didn’t hesitate to set up a time for a quick meeting. It was fabulous to get to speak to him and his friend, Sharon, even for just the hour that I had before I headed off with my family to visit The Hoover Dam, one of the great suggestions made for us by Sharon.

Mike had been prepared to come to downtown Las Vegas to meet me at my Marriot Grand Chateau hotel but since we were heading to The Hoover Dam pretty well via Henderson it made more sense to meet Mike in downtown Henderson, where he lives. 

With 7 of us around a small table at the Starbucks place in Sunset Station, I didn’t manage to more than some general tourist talk with Mike but being able to actually meet him in person was amazing for me since I normally live so far away from him.

Mike is just as I pictured him and so like his author photo that it was easy to recognise him in the main foyer of Sunset Station, as he in turn was looking for me and my family. Sunset Station is an amazing building but we had little time to amble around it before I spotted Mike, 

The voice is always a harder thing to imagine, though, unless I’ve heard an author podcast or a vlog post. Mike has a lovely easy accent, easy for me to understand.

I Just hope that my Scottish accent was as easy for him!

It was a great way to start the day before our tourist hats were donned. 



  1. Enjoyed the get-together back on Monday. It's always a joy to meet Wranglers & Warriors in person. And glad to see you're having fun touring the national parks in Utah and Arizona.

  2. It was amazing meeting you, too, Mike. And we certainly are enjoying our holiday!


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