Monday, 11 August 2014

When pink houses sail past your window...

Monday Moments
Today I'm going to write a diary of events because I have the feeling it's going to be 'one of those days'.

  • In bed at just after midnight, into the 11th August by a few minutes, I read on for approximately 20 minutes.That might explain why I'm not getting too many novels read just now.
  • Before shutting my eyes I self programmed to wake at 6 a.m. 
  • I almost hit the target since I woke at something like 4. 30 a.m. and then at 6.20 a.m. Not easy, but I forced myself to get up since I was determined to use the internet early in the hope that I'd get on line for long enough to schedule a bunch of tweets. It seems that my area has a very heavy internet use, but isn't a priority area for new upgrades, so I've got to lump the pathetic access. I also planned to rewrite a couple of chapters before breakfast 'food' with the family at around 8a.m.

photo obviously not taken this morning

  • One OJ and the second coffee at my elbow the predicted winds increased in strength. When a small pink house flashed past my window in a particularly strong gust I jumped up, pulled on the nearest unironed trousers and a fleece and went to rescue the wendy house. These play houses are great fun but their foundations are zilch and not built to rest easy in sub tornado gales. 
  • In heavy winds the first thing that happens to these little 'toy houses' is that the roof sails off and whacks into whatever gets in its way. Fortunately for me that was a clump of montbretia and overgrown chives. Not high, but enough to stop the roof from reaching the swing set which blew down last winter.  
  • Immediately, and I really do mean almost instantly, the frame of the house follows on. The frame has almost no weight for its size so it tends to blow even further and squashes into a rhomboidal shape, rather than its usual square.
  • Off to the rescue I went and dragged/carried it around the house and into the garage, ignoring and battling against the screaming and hissing it was doing, at and to me with each new gust. It was probably my very cheap garden trainers which kept ME anchored to the ground since they weight a ton! 
  • The 20 mph winds that were predicted last night seemed to be a mite stronger than that.
  • I'm back at my desk and am about to replan the day already since I hear the grandchildren up and ready for the day. Writing might be delayed for a little bit. I'll post an update soon but first I'm, going to read up on wind speeds since- lo and behold- weird as it seems the interenet isn't freezing up quite so much this morning. 

Midday update

Earlier this morning new patio apple tree tied down and 3 apples.

The rain's stopped, the sun is out around 11.45 but no tree tie and only 1 apple...oh, dear.

Nice and gusty. Still.
A couple of pages edited but spent some coffee and update time with a visitor.  C'est la vie!


Update of 5.30 p.m.  
  • still a howling gale out there. Some pots blown over, branches broken off my silver birch but no other real damage - but then how would I know since I've been sitting editing all afternoon?
  • 3 chapters rewritten of my time- travel novel. Please Note: By the time I get this book published I'd have been better time travelling myself! 
I'm off now to make onion soup and lasagne since I'm on cookhouse duty today! 


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