Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday job!

Hello and a happy Saturday to you! 
(or what's left of it, if you live in Scotland like I do)

This post is coming late, today, since I've been visiting yet another new place to sell my novels. The venue I drove off to this morning was around 30 miles away (hence 60 mile round trip). Stonehaven is a seaside resort, a place with a fishing past but now the bay sees mainly leisure craft in its waters.

I’ve now joined a group of crafters named 'Focus' - Festival of Crafts Unique to Scotland who ply their wares in many Aberdeenshire towns. There’s a thing, or two, to be learned by me about the presentation of goods being eye-catching. That’s quite hard to do really well with little, or no, experience - the main issue being in not knowing just how large a ‘table’ is at these venues.
The picnic table I used a couple of weeks ago at Castle Fraser is actually quite small compared to the table I was ushered to today. A generous size, I wondered just how to fill it well enough to sell some books. As you see from the photographs, what I produced is a little bit stark and can do with some tweaking.

It’s just as well that the crafters are a very friendly bunch of people with lots of handy tips and helpful advice. Soon, I’ll take up one suggestion to buy a book stand that will elevate my books to a good visible height. Today, as a guest crafter, I was given a prime position facing the entry door without being flanked by any other set of wares. Next time if I were to be given a place along a ‘row’ I need to have some better display height for my books so that they don’t disappear in the fabulously displayed surroundings. I don’t have photos of my fellow crafters’ tables to show you but they were all very well presented.

I was told the day was a bit quiet in terms of ‘shoppers’ but I was delighted to sell 9 books!

I insert a *happy smile*  here but since it was an early start for me, I'm a wee bit tired and I'm off to read now since the nternet connection is painfully slow, and my patience with it s gone.


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