Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Edinburgh International Book Festival

My Welcome Wednesday slot says hello to many authors today, far too many to credit individually.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival has so many different authors, from multiple genres, featured this year that you need to have a coffee break to even search the events timetables. You might then find you've reached lunchtime and beyond and you've still not read all of the details!

The first Edinburgh Book Festival took place in 1983. At first, it was intended to run every other year but, by 1997, it became a yearly event. From the first simple tent in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, it’s now a very impressive fixture – even though still a temporary one and still under canvas of sorts. Today, the Book Festival is housed in a specially created tented village in Charlotte Square Gardens, in central Edinburgh.

Running for the last 3 weeks of August ( this year from 9-25th August) the Book Festival runs concurrently with The Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe. The city of Edinburgh is abuzz in August with visitors flocking to many of these different venues.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival has more than 700 events listed for adults and children this year. People can take part in workshops, attend debates, listen to book readings, and can share in the ‘hot topics’ in writing.  I can’t do justice to the plethora of events that have been organised in this post, but if you pop over to the official site below, you can experience a lot on line for yourself. Join in with interactive audio performances, listen to podcasts, watch video footage etc.

The Festival Bookshop is full of a huge range of books for sale – all proceeds of these being ploughed back into the non-profit making fund which has been set up to run the festivals in future years.

It’s therefore important to sell those paperback and hardback books every year, and I’m totally proud to say that Book 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series- THE BELTANE CHOICE – is one of the 20 bestselling featured books on the Crooked Cat stand.

Try this video for a real experience of visiting the stand!  

If you’ve not yet read it, and if you’re currently in Edinburgh, it would be a tremendous support to my publisher and to the running of the Festival itself if you buy up whatever you fancy! Alternatively, if you’re reading this post from some distance- don’t worry – you can click the links on the right sidebar of this blog, by a copy on line, and see why my novel is on the Crooked Cat Stand.

Wishing you a happy reading day.



  1. The Beltane Choice looks great on the shelf! Wishing you and all other authors – Cats or not – a successful festival! :-)

    1. Thanks, Cathie. I agree and it's a brilliant opportunity.


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