Wednesday, 4 December 2013

You don't want to miss Wolf!

On Welcome Wednesday I'm always absolutely delighted to try new things. 

Today, we have a dual interview- but this time my guests are fellow Wild Rose Press author -Vonnie Davis - and her hunky hero from newly released Santa Wore Leathers (Harper Impulse). 

I've not caught up yet on all of Vonnie's writing, but what I have read shows her incredible talent.

But back to the man on the cover here. We might not see all of him on this eye-catching image but we can easily get the picture...

I'll let Vonnie introduce him to you.

Hello Vonnie, and welcome again to my Wednesday guest slot. I see you’ve not come alone, though. Who’s this absolutely delightful man you’ve brought with you who looks so…… on your fabulous cover for ‘Santa Wore Leathers’?
I’ve brought along the hero in my Christmas novella, Dan Wolford.

Aha! Dan or do I call you ‘Wolf’? How do you get on with Vonnie? Please, Nancy, call me Wolf. Everyone does. How do Vonnie and I get along? She’s a doll, although she gets nervous when I do my marine rescue duties. She doubts herself and does mega research for accuracy. The woman can’t swim worth a lick, so she can’t understand why I love being under water the way I do, but it comes from my being an ex-SEAL.

Vonnie- I can see he’s a real character. Is he really how your pen intended him to be, or is he even naughtier? Or cheekier? Even more delicious than you first imagined him? Wolf was supposed to be hard-core ex-military. He turned out being a strong family man, devoted to his siblings. I also wasn’t expecting him to fall for Becca, my heroine as hard and quickly as he did. Even so, he was quite cheeky…and naughty in their private moments. I had no clue he’d blindfold her or tie her to the headboard. 

You did? Really. Wolf…err... Can you tell us how you became a fire-fighter? Sure. My parents were killed in a fire set by an arson. I was serving in the SEALS at the time. My brother had just gotten married a few months earlier and my four younger sisters were still living at home. Suddenly, my teenage sisters were homeless and orphans. I couldn’t let them go into the foster care system, so I resigned my commission and moved back to Florida to finish raising them. Rough times, you know? I joined the fire department, hoping I could help other kids from going through what my sisters were dealing with. Then I was asked to also head the department’s Marine Rescue Unit, which was a perfect fit for me. So I pull double duty at the station—fire fighter and marine rescue.

Wolf -  that's quite an undertaking but you look absolutely up to the task! 
Vonnie - You’ve introduced a delightful canine character in ‘Santa Wore Leathers’ who sounds like a bit of a kleptomaniac. Tell us about some of his escapades. Einstein, a German shepherd, is on a mission. He wants his mistress to spend more time with their new next-door neighbor, Wolf. German shepherds are a very intelligent breed and this particular dog had taught himself to open the drawer where Becca keeps her undergarments. He grabs one of her thongs and takes it to Wolf, much to Becca’s humiliation. He does this not once, but several times, always with humorous results.

So Wolf...Where are you when you meet up with Becca? The first time I saw her was the day after I moved into my townhouse. I’d just poured a cup of coffee and looked out my kitchen window. She was in her back yard, playing with Einstein. The woman caught my attention right away with her long red hair, curves and shapely legs. With our work schedules, it took a week or more before we actually met. She and Einstein were returning from their jog when I stepped out on my porch. Einstein broke loose and ran right up to me, so she had to follow. Smart dog that Einstein.
(Ha,ha !Wonder if he's as clueless?mischievious?sneaky?  - as this guy looks?)

Vonnie- Tell us more about Becca, please? What’s this about her thinking that writing a great blog will get her a newspaper job? Becca’s still healing from her divorce, so she’s very man-shy. Her editor at the paper told her she could have her own weekly column once she amassed 1500 followers on her post-divorce blog, “The Things Men Do.” Once Wolf moved in next door, he unwittingly became the topic of her blog posts.

Wolf- You seem to be a bit of a babe magnet. What is it that drew you to Becca?  See, that’s the funny thing. Becca kept calling me a man-whore because of all the beautiful women she saw going in and out of my townhouse. But you see I have four sisters and a lovely sister-in-law. She had no clue…

Vonnie- Does Becca see Wolf as irresistible when they first meet? No. Not really. Well, there are his muscles. And his espresso-colored eyes. Oh, and his lone dimple that winks when he smiles. But she thinks he goes through women quicker than her ex-husband, so she’s not about to get involved.

Wolf- No spoilers, naturally, but how do you wear down Becca’s tiny resistance to your charms? I’d like to say it was the kiss after my birthday party, but that didn’t end so well. Neither did the kiss after I fell off the ladder putting up Christmas lights. I think it was my coming to her rescue after a heavy box fell on her face and broke her nose.  

You think he's said too much, Vonnie? (plenty of raised eyebrows)
You’ve got to go now, Wolf? Okay- thanks for visiting today. YOU can come anytime and you don’t need to bring Vonnie, or Becca. * Waving Bye Bye*

Back to Vonnie. It’s been a while since you visited me. I know you’ve been a very busy lady, and have had lots of work published in the last couple of years. I’ve lost track a little, so can you remind us about how many publishers you are now writing for? I have eight titles with The Wild Rose Press—contemporary, historical and romantic suspense. Santa Wore Leathers is with HarperImpulse. I have a paranormal romance set in the Scotland, A Highlander’s Beloved, releasing in August from Random House.

Fabulous list! What can you tell us about your next writing projects?
My editor at HarperImpulse has asked me to write another story focused on the firemen at Wolf’s station in Florida. I’m currently writing book two of the paranormal romance series for Random House. Thank goodness I’m retired!

Brilliant! Where can readers find info on you and your buy links?

Vonnie's Blog:
Vonnie's Website
Or follow on Facebook: Vonnie Davis.
I tweet under VonnieWrites, if you care to follow me in the twitterverse.

Vonnie Davis, multi-published award winning author, likens herself to a French croissant: crusty, wrinkled, flaky and best served with strong coffee. Retired, she lives in southern Virginia with her author husband and enjoys traveling and spoiling the grandkids. She infuses all her stories with humor because she loves to laugh and finds it the best antidote for all the madness in the world.

Thank you for visiting with Wolf , Vonnie,  and best wishes with all of your writing!



  1. Lovely to meet you Vonnie and thanks for bringing Wolf along too. I'll get the mop out and wipe up the mess Nancy made drooling over him!

  2. Hi Dianne. Okay, maybe just a little mess!

  3. I loved this idea of an interview! I always love Vonnie! Great and fun post.

  4. Thanks Michelle. I liked interviewing Wolf, and Vonnie is always fun to have as a guest.


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