Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone.

After dreadful storms yesterday, the morning has dawned a beautiful blue. It's still a little windy and pretty cold but otherwise a lovely morning.

It's calm now with just my husband and I but the day will get a lot busier very soon when the influx arrives and we begin our Christmas festivities.

Wishing you a happy day- whether you follow the Christmas tradition in a religious manner or not, if you  are gathering with loved ones enjoy whatever you do.

I may not get any time in the next few days for doing any writing, editing or planning of stories but I hope to spend a little time whittling down my reading pile.

If you need something new to read then I have plenty of novels on offer.

At this very moment THE BELTANE CHOICE is sitting at #5 on the Amazon ranking for ancient worlds historical fiction with AFTER WHORL: BRAN REBORN at #35. the ranking s change every hour or so but it's fantastic to see any of my books getting so close to number 1!  #5 for The Beltane Choice

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After Whorl: Bran Reborn
After Whorl: Bran Reborn is available from Amazon UK

After Whorl: Bran Reborn is available from

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