Friday, 20 September 2013

Familiarise Friday meets Felicity Hughes

Familiarise Friday has been a bit unpredictable of late, but we have a fantastic interview for you today. I'm delighted to welcome Felicity Hughes from Chapters of Life by Tina K. Burton.  

I've recently bought my copy of Chapters of Life. I haven't managed to read much of it, yet, but I'm loving it so far.  

Felicity has very kindly agreed to be scrutinised (very briefly, though) so that we can get to know her.

I give you 6 words to describe yourself. What would they be?  Gregarious, amusing, spoilt, rich, fun, impulsive.

Oh, that must b e lovely, Felicity! Where are you from? Oxford.

I loved Oxford when I visited some years ago. Where are you currently living? With my parents in Oxford.

Oxford aside, which is a beautiful old city, name your most favourite place in the whole world. Aboard a yacht somewhere rich and fashionable like Monte Carlo.

Who would be your ideal holiday companion if you took off on a sudden unplanned trip, by yacht or otherwise? Daddy as he’s loaded, so he would buy me everything I wanted!

Oh, Felicity! May I come too, please? Or, at the very least, can I get to meet your fabulously rich Daddy? No? You don't think he'd like to meet me? Oh, well, back to more questions then....

What’s your main occupation just now? I work at the headquarters of our local animal rescue centre, which Daddy isn’t too amused about because I dropped out of law school.

I can imagine how that went down like a lead balloon. It does sound a very different direction to take from law school, but I guess you have your reasons. Are you a gadget freak, or a technophobe? Gadget freak, I simply must have the latest phone and tablet.

Personally I have neither, but that's because I don't tend to phone anyone very often, and I'm quite happy with my basic kindle. However... if you were not at the rescue centre, what would you do if you were granted a whole week where you could choose every single thing you want to do. What would be on your plan?  Spend a couple of days catching up with my London friends, shopping and lunching at The Ivy – great for celebrity spotting - then fly to New York for more shopping.

Ah! Shopping. Sorry. I can't abide shopping. One of the reasons the internet is great for someone like me, with an aversion to shopping, is that I can 'buy with one click'! 

I avoid shopping like the plague but who, or what, are you trying to avoid most just now? Michael, one of the members of the reading group I attend, he’s such a nerd.

I guess Michael is either making a very big impression you don't want to admit to, or he's absolutely ghastly, and Daddy wouldn't like him. Just supposing Michael was the best date ever, and he took you out for dinner. What new cuisine would you like to try? Moroccan.

I've only tried a little Moroccan food. Do you like apricots with lamb? The dish my hubby made in his new tagine was lovely, but he found the apricots a bit too sweet for him  - though I thought it was really tasty. If you don't really like fruit in cooking, Felicity, I'd make sure to know what's in the dish you order.

One word answers, please, to the following, Felicity:

Night IN or OUT? Out.
(Sounds very predictable, though you did say you were gregarious)

(Oops. Thought you might be a little adventurous, but I'm guessing you probably wouldn't want to spoil a new hair-do.)

VIENNA or MAGALUF?  Oh Vienna darling. Sorry that’s three words!
(Good choice. I absolutely adored Vienna and my readers of Topaz Eyes know all about that.)

I'll forgive the 3 words and thank you for all of your great answers. We're going to love getting to know you, Felicity, in the novel. Thank you for visiting Familiarise Friday and best wishes to you and to your friend, Tina K. Burton, for great sales of Chapters of Life

Tina started her working life as an assistant buyer in the purchasing department of a big television manufacturer, but then changed direction and trained as a youth counsellor. She’s also worked with homeless people, and in the funeral profession, which she gave up eight years ago to write full time.
She feels that her previous jobs have given her an insight into people’s emotions and she’s able to draw on that for her characters. She writes short stories, articles, fillers and letters, which have been published in various magazines and newspapers in the UK and overseas.
Chapters of Life is her first novel. She’s currently working on the sequel – Pieces of Cake – as well as a thriller – Born to Love Me – and has ideas for a romcom set around a dating agency.
She lives close to her family in Devon with her husband Paul, where she likes to go for walks across Dartmoor.

 Buy from:
Amazon UK paperback
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Crooked Cat Books -

Amazon author page

ps If you're really quick today, 20th September 2013, you might catch the last day of the Crooked Cat Sale on Amazon and only pay 77p/99c for Chapters of Life.

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