Saturday, 28 September 2013

Commaphiliac- that's me!

 Slinky sneaky wormy little commas.

It's been quite a day for me! I've just sent off my first round of edits for After Whorl- Bran Reborn, the first of two follow-on novels to The Beltane Choice

I have a little problem with the use of commas, though, and added in even more. The trend nowadays is to use fewer commas and be sensible about their use but sometimes I really want to put them in. We'll see what heartbreak it may have given me when my editor sends her reply!

That doesn't mean the only edits- I'm realistic enough to know that, but it's another stage forward in the publishing process.

I'm blogging about the commas involved in them, among other things, at my usual every second Saturday post at Writing Wranglers. Join me there and see my neat analogy with another love of my life - my garden.

Want a sneak peek at the photos I've used?

Errr....maybe I didn't use this one?

Gladiolus Murielae- I used one very similar to this one.  

Nope! Didn't use this one, either.

Pop over and see what I did use.


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