Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I just read a great book called Playing on Cotton Clouds by Michela O'Brien. I gave it 5 *****

Here's the review I posted on amazon and Goodreads.

An engrossing read!

I really enjoyed reading this book! Emerging adulthood, for some, is a wonderful, carefree time with an emphasis on achieving what you daily desire. For others growing up is a painful, disappointing and distressing time where little of what you want seems achievable, and alternatives are sought. That’s the way of it for Michela O’Brien’s characters, and very true to life in general. Aiden is a likeable character, full of flaws, and seemingly successful in his love life. But does he get his just desserts? You have to read the book to decide that one. Seth is a darker, more complicated character, his dependencies intricate and heartbreaking, at times. Of the female characters Livy’s experience and maturity is gained painfully – but she’s a doughty survivor. What I loved about this book are the themes that run through it, and how those very themes can take a circuitous route at times. Loyalty is a very strong theme. How the sexually carefree Aiden presents that loyalty is well crafted, his deviations believable since that’s how life is. I rooted for Livy’s loyalty to be rewarded but was it? I’m not so sure. Love in many different forms and depths, is very well portrayed in Playing on Cotton Clouds- also reflecting life in general. I have no hesitation in recommending this book.


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