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Monday Moments presents ...Mariah Lynne

Monday Moments features fellow Wild Rose Press author, 
Mariah  Lynne, 
and The Love Gypsy.


            Florida homicide detective Brianna Breeze can’t seem to catch a man unless she handcuffs him! So her best friend decides to take matters into her own hands and tricks Brianna into seeing the Love Gypsy, a time traveler’s friend noted for her extraordinary matchmaking skills.
            When a tall, muscular man wearing jeans, a black leather jacket and slicked back 50’s hair bursts in on her first visit, Brianna is bewitched. Despite the gypsy’s warning not to get involved with him, Brianna can’t get him out of her mind – even though she more than anyone knows the pitfalls of romancing a stranger.
            A present day murder, a mysterious vintage car registered in the past, and a smoking gun complicate the puzzle. Brianna doesn’t know if her lover from the past
Is a murderer, or a savior, but she’s willing to risk time travel to find out. 


I stepped back a little, sat on the edge of the bed, and inched the left side of my skirt higher. I slipped the ruffled garter with the gun down over my ankle. Dom focused on my deliberate act. I dropped the gun on the floor near the side of my single bed where I could get at it easily and stood up. I walked over to him, pulling the thin straps of my silky dress off my shoulders. As I let the dress slither to the floor, I watched as Dom’s gaze took in my body. Moving in closer, he pulled me to him. His lips met mine and he edged us toward the bed. I didn’t fight the idea. My body trembled, eager to melt in his strong arms.


 About Mariah Lynne... she always had writing on her radar but it took her a while to get there. Growing up in New Jersey, she graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in English education. After teaching junior high for two years, she went to work for a small daily paper as a copy- reader in the newsroom. She and her husband decided to move to a Florida Gulf coast island while they were still young enough to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Jobs were scarce on their island so they each went into business. Mariah opened a video and home entertainment center. 

She was active in her national trade association serving as a regional chapter president for six years. During that time, she wrote weekly entertainment columns and reviews for two of the island’s newspapers. She also freelanced, ghostwriting autobiographies of successful Realtors for a national yearbook.

She loves where she lives and enjoys watching the dolphin and manatees frolic in the lagoon behind the island home she shares with her husband and ten year old shelter adoptee Max. THE LOVE GYPSY published by The Wild Rose Press, a time travel romance, is her first book.

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Since Mariah is a new author friend, I was keen to get to know even more about her. She's been a star to answer my nosey questions.

Mariah - Can you describe your part of the world and tell us what you find inspiring about it?

Ft. Myers Beach, Estero Island Florida, is a stunning slice of Paradise on the Gulf of Mexico. Her white sandy beaches and green blue waters never cease to astonish me. I live on a sleepy lagoon on the south end of the island where Max, my dolphin hunting dog, and I can spot playful dolphin and manatees from our lanai. Birds abound from pelicans to egrets, woodpeckers, an occasional owl, hawks, herons, and osprey (sea eagles) just to mention a few. Tropical flowers in vibrant colors, palm trees and lush green shrubs surround us. I am inspired by the island’s natural beauty and her wildlife. 

Can you tell us a little about the work you’re currently promoting.

THE LOVE GYPSY is a character driven time travel romance. Ft. Myers police detective Brianna Breeze meets her match in more ways than one as she digs into some mysterious shootings with ties to the past.

Using only 5 words, how would you describe your writing?

Humorous…paranormal…. mysterious…. eclectic characters

Your work in progress-what's that about?

I am writing a second Love Gypsy story about a feisty independent English Duchess whose extremely valuable necklace is stolen by a deceitful time traveler. She calls on the Love Gypsy for help. The quest for her necklace takes a surprising romantic detour.

Thank you very much for featuring with Monday Moments.  Wishing you heaps of success with your writing projects!



  1. Hello, Lisa. It's a fabulous cover!

  2. Thank you Lisa and Nancy! I appreciate the comments. Sorry this took so long but my internet was not working this morning. THE LOVE GYPSY is not just another pretty face. As a matter of fact, she's not what a reader expects even when she works her magic!


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