Friday, 23 November 2012

Review for How To Look Like You by Rose McClelland

How To Look Like You by Rose McClelland

I just finished reading this amusing read. Here's my review:

This is a highly entertaining book to read, easy to put down and pick up again if unable to read in one sitting. The lives of the characters are portrayed really well by Ms McClelland; the story well constructed (see later point too)

The life behind the door of reality TV is nicely done without being too detailed, the glitter that the viewer sees a bit dimmed behind those locked and closed doors. The disintegration of relationships, the development of new ones and the highlighting of shallow characters is all there. I found the main characters all pretty likeable, flaws and all, and it would be lovely to meet them ‘in real life’. At least one secondary character I found less so, and I’d be tempted to have a word or two in his ear. I won’t name names, you’ll just have to read the book yourself to find out! 

Even when I like a novel very much I still sometimes find something annoying about it - and for me that was the biting sarcasm and bitchiness of one of the characters which made her less likeable, yet so true to life. The dipping back and forth of character point of view I also found a bit irritating, at certain times during the novel, but it didn’t in the least dim my pleasure in reading it. 

I’d rate this book a strong 4 and three quarter stars...

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