Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Still going backwards

Here's a little more of that alphabet countdown.

What's for T?  
Tarras-Nara sought her Beltane lover at Raeden, for there was no warrior at the hillfort of TARRAS who stirred her senses.
...and S?
Selgovae-Aware of his change of mood, Nara hastened for her weapon. Almost letting her grasp it, Lorcan tugged it from her reach, his chortle derisive. “Nay. I do not think so. Not yet, woman of the SELGOVAE, of the tribe who call themselves hunters.”
 Here come the R and Q 
Roman- Recently he had journeyed to southern Brigante clan holds, had heard tell of marauding Roman scouts moving northwards, but this woman did not fit the criteria even if she did have a Roman horse.

Queen- The Roman invaders had conquered much more territory than she had realised, and that the treaties between Queen Cartimandua’s Southern Brigantes and the Roman Governor had been abandoned lately was distressing news indeed. Her thoughts whirled, her glance rarely straying from Lorcan’s features while she absorbed every nuance of his moods.

Keep tuning in for more little snippets.

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