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**Today is dual party time for 'she said, he said'**
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TAKE ME NOW by Nancy Jardine, and GRAVE SECRETS by Linda Trout, are both being released today by The Wild Rose Press! I'm very excited :-)) to have a fellow TWRP author share my blog on this very special day. 

I'll be over at so come and join in the fun.

And now I'm delighted to give over my blog to Linda who'll  tell you all about her DEBUT novel- GRAVE SECRETS. 

I'm quite jealous about the location of it since I'd love to go there, too, someday. I got to British Columbia a few years ago, but not quite as far north, and west into the US, as Linda did! 

So...over to Linda!

Hello. I’m Linda Trout and I’ve hijacked Nancy’s blog today. Well, okay, she offered it to me. Like Nancy, my debut novel, GRAVE SECRETS, released today and I’m absolutely thrilled!
Let me tell you a little about myself. My husband and I are both retired and we love to travel, usually someplace with lots of trees. Our favorite destination spot is Alaska…ANYWHERE in Alaska.

We like to stay at a B&B in whatever town we’ve chosen for that trip, rent a car and get to know what the area has to offer. 
Back home in Oklahoma, we have 2 black Labrador Retrievers and 4 cats, who take turns watching me write. I think it’s to make sure I get the scene right. LOL 
I write contemporary romantic suspense. I tried writing a straight romance once, only to have a bad guy show up out of the blue within the first 25 pages. Pretty much took me by surprise. So I gave up and accepted the fact I had to have villains in every story.
The idea for GRAVE SECRETS came about at a plotting workshop. We broke into smaller groups and went through newspapers to find a germ of an idea for a story. When we saw a picture of a casket being wheeled through a cemetery, I said maybe there was something odd about the man’s body in the casket. The lady next to me, who is hard of hearing, said, “Did you say there was a baby in that casket?” So that’s how the story originated.

Here’s a blurb:
When Sara Adams' infant daughter is abducted, she moves heaven and earth to find her. But six months later, time is running out and Sara turns to the one man she shouldn't—insurance investigator Morgan Daniels. Dangerously attractive, he's a threat to more than just her heart, and if she isn't careful, he'll unearth secrets better left buried.

Proving Sara murdered her husband is Morgan's top priority. Helping her find her child is the perfect opportunity to get the proof he needs. But when he starts to think of her as a woman rather than a suspect, she slips under his armor. He can't trust her. Worse, he can't trust himself around her.

All evidence points to Sara as a murderer, but Morgan's gut tells him the evidence is wrong. Is his obsession with her blinding him to the facts? Or is the real murderer still out there…stalking Sara?


Sara’s sobs, the first he’d heard from her, broke through his stupor. Was this the reason behind those dark circles under her eyes? The logical side of his brain said to back out of the room and get the hell out of the house. He didn’t need another mental case in his life, didn’t need the responsibility, and later the guilt, when he failed them.
Instead, he gathered her in his arms, then pressed her head against his shoulder. She cried so hard, her entire body shook, and her keening touched him in places he’d thought long dead. He had the feeling this was the first time she’d truly cried since they’d dug up her husband’s body. No wonder there were so many tears.
His shirt was soaked. He didn’t care. He forgot about his mom, about how Sara could already be headed down the same road and simply held her close. When the tears had abated and she’d blown her nose on the handkerchief he’d offered, he kissed the top of her head, whispering it would be all right. She looked up at him, parting her lips. Remnants of tears still trailed down her cheeks. Without thinking, he lowered his head and gently pressed his lips to hers to comfort her.
Sara had been clinging to his shirt, but now moved her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. She opened for him, inviting. Am I out of my mind? He couldn’t get involved with a client. Or a suspect. Sara Adams fell into both categories.
He chuckled to himself. He was about to make the biggest mistake of his life, but right now he didn’t care. When she whimpered he scooped her into his arms, her weight a turn-on by itself, and strode across the hall to the nearest bed he could find.

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit your site and talk a little about my book. It’s been great fun!

You can find Linda at these places:

Twitter: @LindaTrout2

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Your story sound fabulous, Linda. Best wishes from me for mega sales!



  1. I'm partying already, Linda, and it's only 7.40 am for me! :-))Looking forward to a great day!

  2. Best wishes to both you ladies today! Your books sound wonderful!

  3. Grave Secrets sounds intriguing. I hope you have a wonderful release day. Good luck and great sales!!!

  4. Congrats on your new releases, ladies. Both sound wonderful!

  5. Thank you Barbara. Great to have you pop in to visit us.

  6. Hi, Janinne. It's an exciting day for both of us. Have a good weekend!

  7. Nancy, glad you were partying so early. It's an exciting day for us! It's a busy, busy day for me, too. Between visiting here as well as on Maeve Greyson's site, I'm taking care of the final touches for my first book signing tomorrow. I just love whirlwinds. Don't you? LOL

    Thank you for the congrats Barbara, Sandra and Jannine. I appreciate them!

  8. What a fabulously busy, busy day, I'm having, Linda! Off now to have some food and a glass of maybe...champers!! Hope you're enjoying yourself!

    1. Food? Drink? Wah. I want some. LOL I barely ate today. Probably why I'm so wiped tonight. I'll start Saturday with a good breakfast, though, then it'll be time to hit the road. My signing is an hours drive from my house. But there'll be lots of family and friends there so it'll be worth it.

      Thanks for having me on your blog and helping me launch my book! I loved it!! I hope you had a fantastic day, too.

  9. Congrats on release day! I love stories set in Alaska. Wow, also love how the villains show up whether you intend them to or not. I would be incapable of writing straight contemporary--a time travel would occur, or a ghost appear...
    And animals, I have my furry writing pals too. Grave Secrets sounds really good.

    1. Hi Beth! Hope all is going well with you just now!

    2. Thank you Beth. It has been a SUPER busy day! I'm pooped...and I'm still not totally ready for Saturday. Ugh.
      I actually do have a story set in Alaska. I'm still trying to get it cleaned up, but it's good. (Of course I'd think that. Har) Isn't it interesting the bent our stories naturally take? Mine are suspense, yours are time travel or ghosts. Btw, there's a possibility of a ghost in Grave Secrets. I won't say more, you'll just have to read it and see. {evil laugh}
      Thanks for stopping by, Beth. I appreciate it.

  10. Well, I don't know about you, Linda, but I had a fabulous day yesterday. Like you I'm hving a book signing/ garden party in the afternoon, but it's going to be at my house/garden so got to get things ready. After breakfasting my family (daughter/husband baby)who came to celebrate with me.


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