Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day after Release day

They do say that too much partyIng can give you a sore head!!  Well TAKE ME NOW is well and truly launched. I had a fabulous time with Oliver and the hostesses at authorroastandtoast yesterday-so merci bien for that ladies! 

Today is another party day! You'll find me over at

!!!Breaking news!!!

Here's what Whitney Stephens at theromancewritersread  has to say about TAKE ME NOW...

Whitney Stephens says:

Take Me Now is full of humor and sensuality. The characters are engaging, and I don't just mean the main characters. I especially liked Ruaridh, Nairn's father. The chemistry between Nairn and Aela is palpable and full of tension, which I love. The setting (a Scottish castle) was exotic and rich and Nancy's descriptions were powerful and mentally stimulating. Nairn was sexy, and an engaging hero. Aela had a sense of humor that made me smile several times. This was a great read, one that I think you all will enjoy.

Check what you have to do to win a PDF copy of TAKE ME NOW.



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