Sunday, 12 August 2012


My Take Me Now launch tour is now over, and I'm gearing up for my second August release day. The Beltane Choice is coming on August 31st!

As a pre-launch taster of TheBeltane Choice I'm doing a REVERSE ALPHABET countdown, posting in 13, or maybe 14 slots.

Here are my first 2 posts for it....

Zing- The ZING of the harp echoed in the roundhouse, a signal for all ears to attend.

York- Lorcan of the Brigantes bargained with Petilius Cerialis, the Roman Governor of Eborcum - Eboracum being the name the Roman Empire gave to what is now present day YORK, England. (Oh, yes, it is a bit contrived and I have to concur) 

Xiphisternum- The shrill whistle of the vibrating pilium alerted Lorcan-too late. He staggered back, the sharp tip having pierced him in the XIPHISTERNUM. (:-) ) 
Wild Boar-The folds of the WILD BOAR's hairy flesh quivered, its trotters pounding the earth, thudding minor tremors. Nara scanned around for refuge. In the past, she had felled a boar, though never such a hefty beast, and this one exuded such vigour it would pursue her till she dropped if she could not climb out of its reach.

Look out for the next instalment!

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