Thursday, 16 August 2012

P &O

Today it's P and O.

A little more of those reverse alphabet sneak peeks from THE BELTANE CHOICE! Things are not looking so good for Lorcan and Nara...

PETILIUS -The messenger delivered the devastating news, “The Romans marched north-west from their base at Eboracum. They mobilised the whole Legion, and swamped the warriors of Swale the day of Beltane. Their Roman leader, Governor PETILIUS Cerialis, is determined to subdue the whole of the Brigante tribes and continues north.”

OWTON… One of the fleeing tribe cried out, “The Roman fleet landed on the coast near OWTON. Two whole cohorts disgorged to subdue everyone around here. We are heading north to the Votadini. We pray they will shelter us even though we are Brigantes.”

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