Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Lack of writing time?

Wednesday Woes...or is it?

On checking my calendar, I see it's been days again since I posted here. Life is full of excuses for some and I'm no different. It only takes some tiny (and not so tiny) domestic routine change to throw me off schedule.

As well as writing novels, and reading novels, one of my favourite activities - and it's not actually leisure time - is house redecoration. I actually do enjoy wielding a paintbrush and applying the paint to  walls and doors etc. Since hubby and I had a new exterior door and a couple of new interior doors installed last week, I was straight into redecorating around them. 

Two coats of bright white emulsion on the walls; two coats of white silk gloss on some wood panelling and skirting;  and two coats of varnish on the new wood of the interior doors took some time away from my writing and reading! 

Yesterday's job was buying a new light fitting and a concrete repair kit to sort out the uneven floor where a recessed door mat used to be. This morning's job was applying that concrete (very inexpertently) before a laminate floor can be laid. That will probably need to wait till Friday since the concrete needs time to dry out properly.

Excuses? Yes. But since I'm the DIY person, it needed to be done. 

Now I'm back to some new writing. I just wish I could combine mindless painting with a better flow of ideas for my current manuscript. Some ideas came to me but shall I remember them? Let's see...

But first, I need to update my reviews done for books read by other authors. See another post (today) on 2 new reviews. 


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