Wednesday, 24 October 2018

#Agricola's Bane #pre-ordering #amazon

#Wednesday Wisdom,

That's a hashtag I might be using later on Twitter, but I'm not entirely sure I qualify for using it.

I've been fairly quiet on this blog, of late, and haven't done all that much on Twitter or Facebook either, but that's because I'm almost there - eventually - with Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series Agricola's Bane. 

The edits for it have, again eventually, been done bar one last sweep (to be clarified by my editor Stephanie Patterson). I've been blearie doing the formatting for days but I'm absolutely over the moon to say that the ebook format is now on Amazon for Pre-ordering!

I've never had a novel in the pre-ordering state so that's very very new for me. The paperback version is in Draft stage awaiting me checking the Proof copy. I truly live in hope that it's a wonderful in my hands as I hope it will be. This will be my first time using KDP Paperback Publishing. Since Createspace have moved over to Amazon they are no longer available.

I'm expecting the Proof copy to arrive within the next couple of days and tenterhooks don't cut it.

I'm now in the stages of arranging for a Blog tour, organised by myself, but have also made enquiries of one of the best blog tour operators out there just now to see if she can accommodate me sometime soon. This means my head will be back down again big time as I'll be writing the special posts for all of my visits. My grateful thanks to those who have already agreed to host me and i hope for some more later tonight and maybe even tomorrow when other authors check in to Facebook.

As to the #Wednesday Wisdom aspect? I sometimes wonder what has made me become such a hard taskmaster because, just sometimes, all of this marketing of books is exactly that. Deeply exciting though!

YES! YES! It's up on Pre-order. Check out his link HERE to take you to the Amazon pre-order page for ...Agricola's Bane 


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