Sunday, 17 June 2018

#5 Cruising The Baltic with #Fred Olsen’s Balmoral

Cruising…and more of those lovely talks, Wed 13th June 2018

Today was another day of cruising from Copenhagen to Tallinn, Estonia.  

The port talk on offer today was about Gothenburg by Ian Gunn, and my second ‘historical’ talk was about Peter the Great and his Architects by Simon Rees.

Peter The Great -Wikimedia Commons
Both talks were excellent, again providing lots of lovely details. 

I particularly enjoyed learning more about Peter the Great since I’ve watched some TV series about him via Amazon Prime earlier this year. The Russian-produced series picked a very good look-alike in the actor who portrayed Peter, he definitely resembled him in this painting by Pieter der -Grosse. Peytr was an incredibly productive and intelligent man who created such an unbelievable legacy, whether or not the excesses of Czarist Russia are to your tastes. 

I’d love to say that I did a lot of writing today but it isn’t quite true. I did manage some editing but spent more time being frustrated over the internet connections. Unlike other types of holidays, the ethos of cruising is about chilling out and meeting new people. People can be so different when randomly encountered for the duration of a quick drink.  

Again the musical interludes both afternoon and post dinner were excellent. As was the fabulous haute cuisine and Malbec!


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