Sunday 17 June 2018

#1 Cruising The Baltic with #Fred Olsen’s Balmoral

The Adventure Begins...

hair-moss cap
Rosyth, Scotland, is a great port for me to embark the Balmoral since it’s close to Edinburgh and an easy coach ride away from Aberdeen. Spending one night in Edinburgh the night before is never a hardship since it gave me the opportunity to spend a few hours in the National Museum of Scotland, a site I’ve not visited often enough.

A couple of hours in the section for Ancient History/ Prehistory just wasn’t enough to appreciate what’s on offer there, but with FREE entry to the museum I’ll be hoping to return to sample it again fairly soon.

The Roman treasures are fabulous and mean a lot more to me after a good few years of fairly intensive study of Roman Scotland. Some exhibits need a lot more study, though, like this example of a cap made from hair-moss. I'm intrigued to learn more about the process of making and wearing of such items. 

It was quite nostalgic to saunter down to the Grassmarket area to find a restaurant for dinner and drinks before it got too busy, it being a Friday night. The weather was lovely and warm, with none of the typical Edinburgh winds blowing us off course.   

However, posting photos (or anything for that matter) from the ship is a tediously slow and incredibly expensive business, so I’m aiming to make my posts a brief Cruise Diary with the additional aim of creating some new Pinterest boards for the multitudes of photos when I return home.

My cruise began on Sat. the 9th June with no delays to departure and all as planned. Our cabin balcony was unfortunately on the wrong side of the ship so I didn’t actually see the Forth Bridges properly as I sailed under.  A short time later my hubby and I were having the first of a series of superb ‘haute cuisine’ dinners.  

More cruising updates to follow, whenever I can. 


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