Sunday 17 June 2018

#3 Cruising The #Baltic with #FredOlsen’s Balmoral-Kiel Canal

More talks and plenty of entertainment… Monday 11th June

The ship is still cruising and is in transfer on The Kiel Canal 

Talks of the day:
1) Illustrated ‘port’ talk on St. Petersburg by Ian Gunn (all shore talks by him)
2) Historical talk - Christian IV of Denmark by Simon Rees
Christian IV Denmark 

I opted not to go to the ‘Things to Make You Think’ though my hubby attended that one instead of the ‘history’ one that I attended.

As well as the talks there are musical entertainments throughout the day in different venues around the ship and options for both sedentary and active occupations. Some cruisers love the bridge card sessions; others never miss the quizzes or bingo; and if you just love to chill out and do a jig-saw, or read a book that’s all fine too!

Ian Gunn is an informative speaker but my only issue is that he never goes ‘off script’ so the delivery can be a bit static. The research for his presentations is impeccable, though, and makes attendance very worth while.

Simon Rees, in contrast, uses his images as prompts and is a highly entertaining speaker. He is a fabulously knowledgeable man with plenty of ammo available to entertain during his presentations. I had certainly known of Christian IV of Denmark (parts of Sweden and Norway were also within his realm) but I hadn’t realised how influential he had been in creating the architectural style of Copenhagen.

Since the internet connections are vastly expensinve and pretty useless on board, I decided this time around not to fret about communicating on a daily basis. It just doesn’t happen so this Cruise diary is likely to post in one massive splurge.

After more excellent dining and wining we went to the evening entertainment ‘Showtime’ in the Neptune Lounge after dinner, an event that is always highly popular and not easy to find a decent seat at.

on the Kiel Canal
During the bulk of the day we were in transit on the Kiel Canal in order to reach our first port of Copenhagen.


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