Monday, 25 September 2017

What people are saying about...The Taexali Game- 99p!

Monday Moments!

It's Monday and for no particular reason The Taexali Game will be on SALE for a few days across the Amazon network.

Here's what people have written about it so far...though I admit to needing a LOT more new reviews for this novel!

If you grab a copy at 99p/99c please consider writing a short comment about it on Amazon when you finished. Thank you!

Just click this link HERE

The Taexali Game is sends three teens back to northern Britannia (current Aberdeenshire) during the invasion of the Ancient Roman Emperor Severus c. AD 210.

"This combination of fantasy and history, linked by an interactive computer game, is sure to appeal to a wide audience. The geographical location of the story is used well in this tale of the attempts of the Romans to subjugate the peoples of the North and though there is little historical evidence of events, the writer skilfully creates a most believable world."

"The historical research rings true, especially as I had just read another book that featured the Ancient Roman Emperor Severus and his sons, so had done some research of my own. (The other one, however, was a mystery set against a movie about Severus.) Aran and his friends, the twins Brian and Fianna, depend on the knowledge gleaned at school about the period. The author uses this to weave interesting but relevant facts in, in a way that Henry Treece would be proud of."

"As usual, Nancy's characterisation is fantastic and the action never stops. You are gripped and have read the next chapter.

Although this is sort of aimed at teenagers I would recommend this for all lovers of historical novels... " 

"An entertaining romp, with a combination of time travelling, gaming and "real life" action. Enough to satisfy the desires of any techno addict. I'm no gamer and was out of my depth at first, but soon became drawn into this fast-paced quest with a strong sense of history, and can only admire the skill of grandmother Nancy Jardine in using a meld of fiction, research and fantasy to educate the young of today in the world of ancient Roman Britain."

Wishing you a happy read! 


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