Sunday, 17 September 2017

Just Haven't Met You yet by Cate woods

Happy Sunday wishes to you!

It's dreich and miserable, the rain pouring down at times but a good day for getting on with mmore writing and later some more reading.

Here's my thoughts on a chick-lit/ women't fiction book just finished. I think I bought this via 'Book Hippo' but if not via them it was from another of the many sites which I've signed up to for book recommendations. If readers are not buying my books in droves when sent recommendations I'm certainly using their services to fill my kindle. Having read  'Just Haven't Met You Yet' I might well be tempted to read more by Cat Woods if I'm in need of something simple and an easy read- and being romance I'd know what kind of ending I'd be expecting.

If you're into reading chick-lit type novels, or just want an entertaining light hearted novel to curl up with this might be suitable.

The trials and tribulations of falling in love! There are a few twists in this fun read that made me wonder exactly what might be going on and how Percy’s story would turn out. There were just enough clues to work out who she would end up with but there were still a little surprise right at the end. Well written with very likeable characters, the plot rolls on at a steady ‘must read what’s on the next page’ pace.  Very entertaining. 

This was a 5* read for me. 


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