Friday, 15 September 2017

Merle by Angela Wren

Happy Friday to you! 

One of my tasks today was to get caught up again with posting reviews of books I've read recently. Some I had popped onto my blog, and onto Amazon during my recent cruise holiday when the internet connection wasn't too slow but it was impossible to post them to the Goodreads site. That's now done today along with a review for Merle by Angela Wren which I was still currently reading during the holiday.

Merle - a Jacques Foret French Mystery is Book 2 of the series. Here's my thoughts on reading it...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Merle, Book 2 of the Jacques Foret series. Messandrierre (Book 1) introduced the main characters of Jacques Foret and Beth but it also introduced many of the secondary characters who appear again in Book 2. For that reason I was very glad to have already read Book 1.
The French setting is well described and the characters are neatly drawn, making it so easy to love Jacques. Beth grew on me a lot more in Book 2 than Book 1!

It’s interesting to read how Jacques has branched out on his own as a private detective but still maintains contact with the French police force, especially useful when he needs to use their ‘facilities’. Following the plots and developments within Vaux Enterprises was a nice challenge though there were a couple of situations that threw me off a bit– one near the end which I won’t mention since it would be a spoiler. It did make me wonder about Book 3 of the series…

This was a 5 * read!


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