Friday, 29 September 2017

At Aboyne on Royal Deeside!

Friday greetings to you!

What an odd sort of week it has been. I've been looking after my grand kids a few days as usual but I've also managed to do some of my new writing as well as organise promotions for my current novels.

My writing is kind of cyclic but it'll come right soon, I'm sure. Time and effort should do the trick.

I've come to a halt with my research of 'Roman Roads in Aberdeenshire' having had official confirmation from Aberdeen University Archaeology Dept that there probably were none. None that have been officially identified as 'properly laid down' roads. Though, it's been fun to pour over the oldest maps of Aberdeenshire ( from the 15th century onwards) to see what the earlier residents of Aberdeenshire thought about those dastardly ancient Roman armies who invaded their territory and left traces of temporary marching camps. 

The Taexali Game promotion is now ending for this latest duration but if you're very quick you'll still manage to pick up a copy at 99p/99c across Amazon.

For those who've grabbed a copy this week, it'll be fabulous if you could leave a review on Amazon and tell me what you think of the read. A few sentences is all that's needed. Thank You!

The weekend looms but for me it'll be a mixture of 'work' and play. I'll be signing/ selling paperback versions of my novels at the Victory Hall, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire tomorrow (Sat 30th of Sept) with my lovely crafter friends FOCUS Craft Fairs. I love the conversations I have with people who are interested in my chosen historical period or in the locations of my contemporary novels and look forward to some tomorrow.

I can hardly credit that the month of October is coming so soon but if you're anywhere near tomorrow, please call in at the Victory Hall, Aboyne, and say hello!


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