Monday, 9 January 2017

Too long? Too short?

Monday Moments with....

Decisions. Decisions.

The morning was beautiful, not too cold with a blue, blue sky. For a little while anyway but that was fine because I had some guest posts to write. Two are now done and off to my hosts and I even managed a short walk in the fresh and crisp air.

Today sees me back to looking after my grand kids two days each week, squeezing in all my writing tasks whenever I can. I haven't done a resolutions blog this year since I never manage to stick to it much anyway, so all I'm going to say is that I aim to do more and more writing. That should mean I can eventually finish the my long awaited Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series. And get on to other planned work. I didn't do so well last year so it can only improve!

Am I out of the writing doldrums that I've been in for last couple of years- apart from writing copious blogs here and guest posts elsewhere? I certainly hope so. Last year I decided to ease back on having lots of authors invited here to guest post, the idea being that I'd not be spending time setting up those blog posts and could use it for new writing. Since it made no difference to my novel writing output I'm about to invite people to visit me again.

Look out for them soon.

Meanwhile, I've a little quandary to solve. I got a new tabletop screen (Christmas Pressie 2016) to use with my projector (Christmas pressie 2015) and laptop to give my author talks and presentations. The screen is really light and easy to use but there's a wee bit of operator error till I can work out how to get the image screen sizes correct.

At present, I'd have to be in an enormous auditorium to have the PowerPoint image 'slide show' slides just fit the screen.

If you're a whizz at this sort of thing - please enlighten me because my tinkering (and that of my OH who bought the screen) has meant that my saved PP presentations are now all stretched and wonky!


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