Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Catching up on reviewing books read

Wednesday Waves!

It's one of those times again when I realise that I've read quite a few books from my kindle queue and haven't made a mention of whether I've enjoyed them, or not!

Time to address that since we're into January and some of the books I'm talking about, I read in 2016. 

Escort to Adventure by Angus MacVicar

The Scottish setting of this novel caught eye, as did the time frame of the novel. There’s a really nice chatty feel to the read even if, at times, I half despaired of Kenneth ever getting to grips with life outside of his work. The characters are well described with some quirky traits that made me like them even more since I could picture people around the fifties being just the same. The story is well structured and well edited making it a lovely read.

The Du Lac Chronicles -Book 1 

This was an entertaining YA historical fantasy romance with mostly likeable characters but, as intended by the author, the ones less to my taste were the baddies. Once I got used to the interspersion of modern phrases alongside more archaic speech patterns, which jars me out of the story immediately, I enjoyed the tale. However, I can see how that might appeal more to a younger audience. 
I don’t know all that much about this period in history but I certainly agree with the author that it’s very hard to research fact that hasn’t been put into writing. When tales and legends abound it’s an even harder task to separate what might be fact in order to give the reader a sense of the times. 
The setting of the story, the pace and character development all make the tale a very readable enjoyable escape into what was a turbulent past.

More reviews to follow when I find them- something has gone wrong with my filing system because I know I wrote some more even if I didn't have the internet connections to post them. 


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