Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New 2017 Review for Monogamy Twist!

Picture this!

It was late last night, the 2nd January. I'd done some writing, some blog surfing, social media check-ins via my new phone, and surprisingly had started to watch a Neil Oliver  TV programme on the archaeology of Orkney, though a very welcome phone call interrupted this. 

After the call, I decided to go and re-watch the TV programme via IPlayer on my monitor but first had a quick look at my emails.

I was surprised but absolutely delighted to find this new review for Monogamy Twist. This was a fabulous start to 2017, a boost to this author's spirits. My thanks go the the Bookmaven book blogger for her review. 

Monogamy Twist has the drama of a Shakespearean play with the modern language. 

Luke has experienced a lot in his life.  What he doesn’t expect is getting a delapidated English estate from a woman he has never heard of before.  He also doesn’t expect the strange stipulations that are placed on him when it comes to getting his inheritance.  Wit the help of a Rhia, a lodger on the property, they will try to uncover the history of this estate, piece together why Luke inherited it and possibly find something with each other that they don’t expect.

I really liked this book.  It was incredibly well written and managed to tell both of the characters view points without getting lost in the story.  Luke and Rhia are great.  You really see them develop from being two individuals to the complicated the relationship between them.  The European setting will make anyone want to go explore.  The ambience of the English estate with all its secrets and stories behind closed doors really added depth to it.  In fact, that is what truly keeps this book moving.  The relationship between Luke and Rhia is an added bonus.  The research Rhia does really brought out the researcher in me and made me want to find the nearest English manor and investigate.  Overall, this was an imaginative book with a great story and set of characters.  This definitely started my year off on the right foot.

It's not too late to write a review if you've read any of my books. It's great to get feedback on my writing and even better if the review is popped on to Amazon. If the book has more than approx 10 reviews on Amazon, it means that I can do some paid marketing for it to boost it's chances in a very competitive ebook market.

It's only £1.99 on Amazon if you fancy reading it!


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