Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Roadkill by Marcia Woolf

Another recently read book!

Roadkill by Marcia Woolf 

This was an exciting ‘cop’ novel full of interesting developments and themes that might, in other circumstances, be regarded as controversial. It’s a witty read that flows beautifully. The different points of view ( 1st person and, I think, omniscient) had me wondering at first but I got used to the switch between what was happening in the ‘cop shop’ in general as opposed to the room that ‘Cookie’ was inhabiting. The twists and turns of the story are numerous and it was a fun ride to the end.
BTW- I’m still a bit unclear of Jack Garrity’s dodgy  involvements,  though maybe that’s for another time?
I love the character of D.C.I Sullivan and want to read more of him.

I'll just go off and read a bit more, now.


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