Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday Smiles

Sunday Smiles to you! 

I'm very glad that it's Sunday after two busy signing/selling days at Thainstone Centre Christmas Craft Fayre. I heartily applaud the people who came to visit the Fayre having braved some atrocious weather to get there. The hailstorms battering the metal roof of the event building were impressive but also quite unsettling when a customer pointed out some drips landing quite near my selection of novels. Thankfully it seemed to be one of a kind and there was no flurry of buckets to catch leaks!

It was really rewarding to talk to a couple of people yesterday who had bought my novels at  last year's event and who bought another book. Return customers are such a boost to this particular author...and I imagine it's the same for most others. What was also wonderful was the fact that most customers asked me to sign their books, which I'm no longer shy about (if I ever was).

My intended really, really long lie in bed this morning didn't actually happen since I was alert around 8 a.m. - though that's two hours more sleep than I get most other mornings. I've caught up with my emails, read a few news items and popped into Facebook, though I was disciplined enough to make that really brief.

So far, best of all is that I've added my profile information and read the introduction to my FutureLearn course which I'm starting tomorrow on Hadrian's Wall (7th Nov). I saw this course last year at this time and decided I had too many things to do, which I later regretted so I bit the bullet this time and joined up! The course is only for 6 weeks and I'll fit it in, somehow.

This afternoon I've added more to my current writing so that's ticking along as well.


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