Monday, 7 November 2016

It's that Hadrian's wall again!

Monday Madness for me..but it's fun so far. 

My moments of madness this Monday have been centred on starting my FurureLearn Course on Hadrian's Wall. They recommend 4 hours study per week. This morning I began the course and dabbled with the 'how to do's' of the online aspects and posted a few comments on the first aspects mentioned. That took about 2 hours. Ahem...

Hadrian - Wikimedia Commons
N.B. not the ones mentioned below
I'm excited, already!

I've been asked to consider two images of statues of Hadrian and make observations on what they are intended to portray about him. Since I've never seen either statue during my searches for him even looking at the details has taken me longer than no doubt is intended. I might just get sidetracked a lot! I've also been able to lay hands on a translation of Cassius Dio which I've not had access to before.

As I pondered some of the comments posted by fellow students they sparked ideas that I can use in my current writing, as did my mopping of my kitchen floor. Weird? I know. So I'm off now to slot them into my manuscript and do a sort of 'NaNoWriMo' November writing slot of the day.

SlĂ inthe! 

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