Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Rhia and Luke in Rome….


I'm squeezing in time just now to transfer the hundreds of photos that I took of Rome from my camera to my computer. While doing this it made me think of my characters - Luke and Rhia from Monogamy Twist - who make a flying visit to Rome like I did. 

Colosseum - Nancy Jardine
There’s a poignant moment in my Contemporary Romantic Mystery—Monogamy Twist—when Luke Salieri senses things just aren’t going as well as he would like with Rhia. He appreciates she’s obsessed with finding out why Amelia Greywood named him as the sole beneficiary in her will.

He’s happy to be renovating Greywood Hall and restoring it to its former glory but he’s not so cheered that Rhia is working herself to the bone to catalogue the myriad of artefacts that came with the house. 

Vatican - Nancy Jardine
He was as frustrated as Rhia over the difficulty in finding out why Amelia chose him but it began to matter less when he had an inkling that there was a skeleton in his family closet that he didn’t really want disturbed. Now he doesn’t like that Rhia is working all hours to sleuth out the answers that just don’t seem to want to be found out. He’s worried that she’s working so hard that she’s making herself sick.

Rhia needs a diversion so he decides to take her on a flying visit to Rome where he meets up with some of his father’s family- Italian relatives he’s not seen for a while.

The visit to Rome for Luke and Rhia is only a short one, about the same as  my recent one  to Rome of a mere 3 days. Although I’ve not mentioned it in the novel I imagine Luke’s whirlwind tour might have included going to the Colosseum, the Ancient Roman Forum and maybe the Vatican Museums since they’re the most visited places…at least I think they are judging by the crowd sizes when I joined the throng!  

Ancient Roman Forum - Nancy Jardine

Where do you think they would have visited?

I'm also delighted to be able to write that Monogamy Twist is now available as a paperback as well as the ebook version. 

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