Friday, 20 May 2016

#Friday Feature - Take Me Now!

My Friday Featured book is Take Me Now since it's one of the Scot Rom novels featured this week on the Crooked Cat Books page on Facebook. 

It's a contemporary romantic mystery. Not just any mystery's a humorous, corporate sabotage mystery set in Scotland

What follows isn't the official back jacket blurb but the gist of the story (with almost no spoilers). 

When the sabotage of Nairn Malcolm’s business begins it’s an irritant that he seeks to quell. When the malicious encounters escalate to an attack on his personal health and wellbeing, he definitely needs help to find the perpetrator.

Being the stubborn and dedicated businessman that he is, the help he seeks also needs to keep him mobile so that normal service at his Adrenalinn Adventures business continues regardless. That's a wee bit difficult, though, since he lives on an island opposite Oban on the west coast of #Scotland. To get him to his head offices in London, and to business meetings at other locations, his temporary factotum needs to fly his floaplane down to Glasgow where they'll pick up his small jet to fly on to London and other business destinations. Now the west cost of Scotland weather is often fickle, so if it isn't good enough for flying then the person will need to pilot his catamaran down to Glasgow. 

What galls Nairn is that there isn't a long queue of candidates to interview for his exacting job - not many people at the job centre have the skills he needs. Do you know anyone who can fly small planes, pilot catamarans, and drive any other other vehicles? Someone who also has office skills? I doubt there aren't too many of those people when you need them!  

Who can Nairn hire to aid and abet him? Will it be Aela Cameron, fearless lass, from Vancouver? Aela needs a temporary job in the Western Isles of Scotland since she has her own agenda to keep but is she just a bit too flippant for Nairn’s needs? She thinks she can keep her cool under pressure as she flies around the globe but is she a match for Nairn’s saboteur? 

Nairn's first meetings with Aela aren't exactly conventional and there's where the humour sneaks in! Being in a bit of a pickle and dependant isn't Nairn's normal style but ...needs must when you've no other recourse!

There are great locations for Aela to ferry Nairn to…London, Tallinn, Paris, Barcelona, Oman, the Caribbean are only a few of the fantastic locations in Take Me Now.

Grab your copy HERE and see if you can work out who the saboteur is well before the end of the novel. 


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