Friday, 27 May 2016

#Friday Fun with Nairn and Aela!

It's Friday again!

The promotion week for my contemporary romantic mystery Take Me Now, on the Crooked Cat Books Page on Facebook, is almost over and at Crooked Cat we try to give some background to our novels during our promo week. Two days ago, on Wednesday 25th May, I published a piece on the Crooked
Cat Books page about the dangers I've sometimes faced when engaging in adventurous activities and I've related it to what Nairn and Aela face in
 Take Me Now. However, most of the dangers my characters face are not through any choice of their own.
I'm not convinced that these promotion weeks lead to more sales, but it's an encouraging thought that the cheap 99p price encourages a few more people to buy a copy. So far, I definitely know of one person who declared they'd bought and i'm very pleased about that.
How about you? Have you read this fun novel that's quite different from my historical writing? 
Since only a limited audience would have had the chance to read my Wednesday post, I'm re-posting it below...
(copyright Nancy Jardine)
Are you a daredevil?
Some of us segue naturally into being a thrill seeking creature. Some avoid adventurous escapades like the plague and some are what I’d call partial ‘dare devils’- those who will try things out once and only up to a certain level of danger. I’m not even sure I’d fit that last category but I have tried a few things over the decades, a few of which have been a lot more scary than I intended.
One such event for me was driving a snowmobile on a mountainside near Whistler, Canada (near Vancouver). It was approaching dusk, the temperature about 10 Deg below Zero and the accelerator on the machine was operated by thumb control. By the time I had 2 pairs of thermal gloves on, I couldn’t feel anything at all so changing the speed was a nightmare. Once started on the run, at full felt, I realised I had little control and had to stop…but how since I was so panicked I couldn’t remember the way the other button controls operated? I’m totally relieved to say that I didn’t kill my son-in-law that night (he shared my snowmobile) but only because, in sheer terror, I chose to drive into a banking of snow rather than veer off the edge of a narrow trackway! 

The rest of my family thought it fun to see us upended in the snow while I was a jittering wreck. I loved the rest of the trip, though, but only because my son-in-law did all the rest of the driving! In retrospect, I know that that split second judgement/decision saved us because we were just yards away from the path narrowing to a balancing act.
Sometimes imminent danger makes you make split second decisions and there are a good few scenes like that in Take Me Now- some almost humorous and some deadly. Nairn Malcolm’s the owner of a global business named Adrenalinn Adventuring so he’s no stranger to dangerous and exhilarating activities.

That’s all easy to control when he’s at the helm and making decisions, whether it’s at his Scottish island castle base, or at his London headquarters. The problem for my contemporary Highland Hero is that a saboteur has decided to target both him and his business resulting in him being temporarily unable to carry on as normal.
In comes Aela Cameron, a feisty and intrepid lass from Vancouver, Canada, who is also no stranger to making split second decisions. She's determined to keep Nairn mobile so that it's business as usual. She's also resolute that she'll not give in to the deadly games being played.
It's just as well that she's an eternal optimist whose innate humour surfaces during the most interesting situations! And that's where the fun of the novel comes in...
Daily life, with the normal kind of informed decision making regarding delicate situations will resume for Nairn and Aela…but only after the saboteur is revealed!

I'm off to check if the price is still at 99p this very moment, and it might be but it'll be rising again very soon.

Take Me Now is also now available in paperback from Amazon as well!


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