Saturday, 6 June 2015

Those useful URLs!

Happy Saturday everyone!

my best ever selfie
I've a lovely smile on my face because the rankings for TAKE ME NOW have risen on Amazon UK to around 11 thousand, and in sales speak that means some sales did happen yesterday. When I checked a couple of times over the day yesterday at the Facebook launch party there was no movement AT ALL in the overall rankings and that, I have to be honest, was a bit depressing. 

This morning there's a lovely spike so if you've stlll not got your copy I'd get in quick while it's still at 99p and equivalent across Amazon. It's also available at SMASHWORDS if that's where you like to buy your ebooks.

I'm off to get my blog post written and ready for my every second Saturday spot at Writing Wranglers and Warriors, so see you later.... 

 Amazon UK   
Amazon US
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