Thursday, 4 June 2015

Take Me Now launches tomorrow 5th June!

Tomorrow - Friday 5th June - is the Crooked Cat launch date of the new version of Take Me Now.  

Part of my fun during the writing of the novel was investigating what sports Nairn Malcolm might have on offer at his 'extreme sports' facilities. 

Extreme sports you say? Doesn't everybody love them? I love the sound of a lot of the ones I came across but I haven't personally tried many of them. At the time of writing the novel, I wondered how many authors include sporting experiences they’ve personally tried? The akternative being that they had just been 'winging' it like me, hoping to sound credible with the descriptions given. 

Nairn Malcolm is the owner of Adrenalinn Adventures-a company which markets land sporting adventures like tank driving, dirt buggies, quad biking, sphereing, bogshoeing. Bogshoeing? Yes, you might well ask about that one, but I’m going to be nasty and say read the book and find out! But those are only a few of the more ‘ordinary’ ones he markets.

Some of his water based sports are far more dangerous. 

Nairn has a half share in a boat yard which manufactures spectacular water craft, and he knows some very exciting water experiences to include for his customers. Ever heard of wakeboarding? I hadn't but I'm pretty sure my dare-devil nephew, who is a competitive surfer, has heard of it!

Let’s get back to land then. What about ‘Bun J Riding’? Nairn’s aiming to add more dangerous sports to his company portfolio of possibilities. That’s why his new general factotum - Aela Cameron - needs to fly him around Europe.

Before Aela met Nairn he loved to try out the all the sports he has on offer to the public but for some reason that isn't possible at the beginning of the novel. To find out why you'd need to read TAKE ME NOW. 

Aela Cameron is gung ho to try out what Nairn has to offer.  She especially wants to try some of the experiences with Nairn alongside, but she might have to wait a bit for that. Why? That would be giving away too much…

Take Me Now is available from 5th June across Amazon... at the special launch price of 99p (and equivalents) for a few days. 

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