Thursday, 21 May 2015

Oh, it's gone!

Wednesday - that is - and it's now Thursday.

I love making little lists of things to do but rarely manage all that's on them. On Wednesday I had planned to belatedly ask lovely author friends for help with promoting THE TAEXALI GAME. Well, I managed that but emailing a dozen folk, replying back and forth to make arrangements, takes me a wee whilie! (Please note not a spelling mistake)

I did load a few of TheTaexali Game images to my Pinterest board but not as many as I thought I might. 

Just when I thought I was making list headway around 5 pm on Wednesday, I was reminded that 2 days ago I said I'd rescue or take cuttings of any plants that I want to keep from my driveway side border which is going to vanish in a flash when the little digger attacks tomorrow morning. Please note this is nothing to do with chickenpox spots but another kind of 'out damned spots'.

As part of the new look/new house deal the access driveway is being spruced up- ie totally annhiliated of plantings and chuckies laid down. Attractive planters to each side will be the order of the day and a lot less labour intensive! Which right now I look forward to since I want more time for writing tasks...and my back might appreciate it too as both the new look driveway and I age to decrepitude. (Did I just make that word up? Mmmm) 

 My well overgrown acer was destined for a heavy prune sometime soon. Getting the complete chop is maybe drastic but it wll look much better in a smaller planter - that's if the cuttings 'take' and don't go all huffy on me.

The green 'dead stick' plant to the left in the picture above is at its best for the whole year right now. Mostly after the leaves die back, the stems and branches of this plant look like a stick insect. I've never managed to identify it in 27 years of being here but maybe someone can help. 

Here's the stem.

And with leaves...and 'buds'. It never really flowers, the buds remain a pale green.

If you can identify - that will be great!

Meanwhile, lots of my lovely author friends have been sharing my promotional post for the official launch of The Taexali Game and the Facebook launch event TOMORROW! Oh my goodness, it is happening tomorrow. My ducks are all wayward so I''ve got to do a bit of taming...

Possibly some more. Google Nancy Jardine and see if it tells you where!


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