Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Get out damned spots and spots...!

Morning everyone!

It was bound to happen sometime and we're lucky that it wasn't just before our recent family wedding down at St. Andrews. No one likes an ugly rash of fiery red pustules marring the beauty of wedding photographs so the timing is good from that perspective.


Spots look great on Dalmations but noit so much oin little kids.

Chickenpox has been doing the rounds in the Playgroup but my granddaughter had escaped it till now. She's presently covered in lovely itchy spots and my childminding day might need a bit more patience than usual. 

So what might be on the cards for us to do today? Public places are to be avoided, so no playgroup session. I don't fancy a grizzly session at the supermarket so I think we'll let grandad do his usual and shop for the groceries.

The calomine cream is applied and Mr. Tumble has just finished on Ceebies so maybe a day of DVDs and a spot out in the garden will be a plan. That will be after I make some scones since I had to admit we can have toast with butter and jam ( a major treat) but no scones because we don't have any. Baking might be a great idea for Granddaughter (3 and a half) but not so much for Grandson at just over 1 year old.

Meanwhile the itching goes on. I'm itching to see her get better and for other reasons as well this week. 

And for my grandson? What can he do that won't get him into mischief? I'll need to have a think...


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