Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Snippet from MONOGAMY TWIST!

It's Sunday and a long time since I've shared a Sunday Snippet.

As promised yesterday, my extract is from my new version of Monogamy Twist which will be launched in 5 more days by Crooked Cat Publishing...


I found out this morning that it's available now to PRE-ORDER from AMAZON UK.

One click HERE will take you to this fun romantic mystery that's only 99p! 

It would be fantastic to hear what you think of this new, less sensuous, version of my original mystery story! 

The extract is from Chapter Six
(Luke Salieri is coming to realise that Rhia Ashton's help to solve his mystery will be given, but only after he concedes to some of her requests.)

“What else have you organised already?” She grabbed up her knife and fork and stabbed the first thing she could find on her plate.
Luke exhaled as though any conversation was a trial for him now. “You may already have heard some activity at Greywood?”
She nodded her tone still challenging. “You’re certainly right about that. They woke me up far too early this morning.”
“Sorry,” Luke continued not really sounding contrite. “That was the scaffolding arriving. We start early to maximize the daylight hours.”
“Of course, never waste a minute,” she scorned. She was beginning to think that should be his nomenclature.
“You’re right; I don’t like wasted time.” He sounded very irritated by her censure yet resumed the conversation. “Teams of craftsmen are starting roof and stonework repairs at Greywood Hall at first light tomorrow. Other teams are going inside to finalise the assessment of internal damage so that work on internal renovations can begin as soon as possible, once I evaluate their findings.”
He mechanically cut up his salmon and popped a bit in his mouth, now unruffled. Five minutes later he was still outlining the more long term plans he’d already instigated for Greywood Hall.
“You’ve arranged all this so soon?” Rhia was astonished. She’d moped around for the past twenty four hours daydreaming, wondering what the hell she’d got herself into, and he’d been organising goodness knows what.
“Rhia, it’s my job.” Luke smiled, for the first time a truly natural smile.
It whacked her in the gut!
“But it’s impossible to get craftsmen to do even small repairs immediately unless it’s a major catastrophe. How did you manage it?” She was impressed by his information, unable to maintain a stiff attitude.
Luke grinned. Her tension eased a little more. They continued to eat, their mouthfuls interspersed with sips of water alternating with the delicious crisp white wine he’d ordered.
“One advantage of having a lot of money is to pay people to do what you want, when you want. I have an army of highly skilled workers at my beck and call. If they have to be away from their home base for short durations, they know their pay will be generous, covering any inconvenience caused.”
“Greywood Hall is a large property. It’s going to take lots of people forever to restore it if you do it properly.”
“Properly? What do you mean?”
“Renovations need to be thoroughly planned and not rushed. You mustn’t spoil the character of it, Luke.”
Not in the least put out by her doubtful tone, he smiled. “For the last five years I’ve been doing major renovations on English properties: most of them sites of some historical significance. I assure you I won’t be rushing in and wrecking the character or the ambience of the place.”
“It’s got a lot of dignity, even if it is run down.” Wistful images made her eyes glisten. 
“Have you ever been inside?”
“No, of course I haven’t.”
His hand reached across the table and gently clasped her fingers. “Would you like to?” 

Meanwhile I'm off to make a new book trailer video! 


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